Environmental Policy

Our Environmental Policy

  • Visscher-Caravelle has dedicated itself to the task of complying with all national and international legislation and other requirements that apply in the area of the environment;
  • We strive to prevent environmental pollution, which is why we have set goals for with regard to those types of environmental aspects that can be effectively influenced and managed;
  • We communicate our goals and results clearly and explicitly in order to win the confidence of, and to ensure transparency for, customers and shareholders;
  • We manage our offices and facilities in an effective manner to minimalise our environmental footprint;
  • We train our personnel and external parties and make them aware of the environmental aspects related to their activities and service
  • We regularly monitor our progress in realising environmental goals and evaluate these goals and adapt them where necessary.

Our external and internal surroundings are important factors in achieving success; it is, therefore, highly important that we, Visscher-Caravelle, attempt to work and to live in harmony with the community around us.