Global presence

Visscher-Caravelle is a company with an international focus in providing an excellent service to customers. With sales offices in countries around the world, and production facilities in the Netherlands, Poland, Australia and Asia, we offer a wide range of products and activities to customers worldwide.
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Visscher-Caravelle’s directive and goal is to be a customer-driven organisation focused on providing the most optimal and beneficial solutions, and on anticipating our customer’s requirements. We are committed to providing excellent service and value to every market in which we operate.

Visscher-Caravelle is a young and dynamic organisation which focuses on continuous improvement and expansion of its market share as a supplier of automotive floor mats and textile products for the automotive industry. The central focus of our quality policy is on providing delivery that is prompt and according to specifications, and on efficiency.
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There are many definitions of the word ‘innovation’:

  • the process of making improvements by introducing something new
  • the successful exploitation of new ideas
  • change that creates a new dimension of performance
  • a creative idea that is realized
  • the capability of continuously realizing a desired future state
  • the staging of value and/or the conservation of value

We feel that innovation and creativity are part of our company; they thrive at all the various levels and activities throughout the organisation.
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Visscher-Caravelle is involved in various aspects of environmental protection through our environmental management system. Our products are designed and engineered to minimise their environmental impact, according to the ISO 14001 norm. In addition to possessing ISO 14001 certification, we are also investing in, and are conducting research on, the possibility of recycling our own waste materials.
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